Our Oil Changes Mean More

UpTower's Specialized AMSOIL TEAM (SAT)

WHy this matters

We have the background, experience, and proven capabilities to show that we have a high level of technical aptitude and customer service that AMSOIL has chosen to give their stamp of approval on. Being a Trained Service Provider (TSP) with AMSOIL means that our technicians have been trained and execute our services using industry best practices relating to gearbox lubrication.

The TSP title is not just handed out to anyone. To become a TSP through AMSOIL, we have completed their training program along with onsite uptower training. We show and prove that our team adheres to all their Quality Control standards which includes in-field audits. These visits ensure we are continuing to follow their recommended best practices in the services we provide. Being a TSP for AMSOIL shows that we meet or exceed the high level of expectations that they bring to the table and requires that we maintain these standards.

AMSOIL's Ground School consists of several courses to cover their products used and their lubricant change theory. This ensures that technicians providing oil changes understand what products to use in each individual scenario so they can customize their services to each turbine. The courses also cover topics like oil cleanliness, cross-contamination prevention, gearbox flushing techniques and many other topics that ensure we are equipped with the knowledge to provide a high quality service.

AMSOIL has completed several scientific studies and field trials to  develop their products and procedures to ensure they are providing peak performance. By  being a TSP, UpTower is able to go a step further for our clients to provide top tier services in our oil changes.

What Separates Us

UpTower decided to go beyond the status quo when determining what trailer to use for oil changes. We sat down with fluid specialists and engineers to design something that would exceed the capabilities of anything we have ever used before. While designing, our goals included ensuring technician safety, exceeding quality standards, and increasing control and monitoring abilities of the oil and its conditions.

Our unit's tanks are doubled walled, DOT approved to ensure compliance on the roads and reduce the likelihood of spills while on site or driving. Our unit is redefining filtration certainty. There are many other units in the industry that rely on assumptions by way of theory that the oil has been filtered properly. That theory is based off of nominal conditions and assumes 100% efficiency which is unrealistic and has its flaws. Our unit allows us to electronically control and monitor the flow, temperature, and pressures of our oil without question if it all has been filtered or not. Our filtration system is set up in such a way to ensure that the oil must go through the filtration system before pumping up to the gearbox. Cleanliness is key and we can confidentially tell our customers clean oil is being introduced to their gearboxes.

Another major improvement we made to our trailer is that we do not apply compressed/pressurized air to our oil tanks. Compressing air and introducing that to the clean oil is a recipe for unknown contamination. You can be rest assured that we are not adding contamination to the oil and the system. You can trust that our oil is all filtered before entering these high dollar, highly critical components.

Our trailer and team aligns with our main business focus - to provide our customers with high quality services while keeping safety a priority. The amount of detail and considerations put into our design have produced a trailer that allows us to provide quality services and maintain the safety of our technicians.