How It All Started

After being in the wind industry for several years, our people have developed a great understanding of the needs and services that are utilized. Our combined experiences working for some of the largest and most successful companies in the world has put us in an ideal position. These positions have allowed us to understand the difficulties our customers go through and how we can overcome those obstacles for them and bring better service to the market.

We wanted to be able to do better, provide better, and be better for our customers and employees. In our prior roles, we often saw areas that could be improved. Our prior companies’ main portfolios did not rely on providing these services to the market place in the same way we felt it needed to develop. In seeing an opportunity, we took a leap to start UpTower where we could provide the best for our customers and employees. In starting UpTower, we thrive to put more into areas that are often overlooked by other companies. UpTower’s leadership and upper management come from complimenting backgrounds. These include Safety Compliance and Consulting, Renewable Energy Owners, Multibillion-dollar Utilities, and Independent Service Providers who were operating and maintaining wind farms. We have a foundation of seasoned experts in the industry and have a deep focus on quality and safety for our customers. We utilize our background knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

At UpTower, we have placed a high focus on what we value. With our background experience, we have determined many areas that we wanted to be sure that we placed emphasis on. Our values include:

  • Bringing safe and quality service
  • Instilling a sense of trust in our customers and employees by being transparent
  • Getting the job done right the first time
  • Focusing our efforts in areas we perform best by not bidding on everything in the industry
  • Leveraging our safety background to implement a strong safety behavior and culture into our services
  • Making real impacts in the local communities we are providing services in
  • Developing our technicians not only professionally but personally as well
  • Focusing our investments where it matters, especially on developing our team and our work force
  • Using our quality of services to brand our company

We have made it a priority to instill our values into our technicians so they care about providing the best quality service to our customers. We have also focused efforts on our employees to ensure happiness in the workplace and to retain those quality employees. UpTower strives to capitalize on our employee’s strengths and work with them to develop their weaknesses. This brings out the best in them and ensures they become well-rounded individuals.

We are positive that our elite staff is capable of providing top-notch services for your company. We are rapidly growing, developing, and constantly striving to be the best.